About Us

4NM started by a Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) mother. As a nursing mother, many of us experience breast milk supply issues especially so for GDM mothers and we know breastfeeding is not an easy journey and it requires lot of perseverance. 4NM is determined to help breastfeeding mothers with GDM or even those normal mothers whom have low supply of breast milk to boost their breast milk supply, also to improve their quality of breast milk for their little ones.

4NM specialises in both types of lactation cookies, with & without sugar to cater to specific needs. Our products are handmade with love, pack filled with nutritious natural herbs and ingredient that has been traditionally used globally and for generations to increase breast milk supply. There is a huge variety of flavours to suit different palates of nursing mothers. We also understand the difficulties faced in the initial weeks of nursing can be, so we offer door-to-door delivery service for all of you mothers who are looking to boost your breast milk supply. We would love to share our journey and experiences with you and make your journey a smoother one.

Click HERE to join our 4NursingMoms breastfeeding support group to share and learn with mothers who are embarking on the same journey together. We sincerely hope that our sharing can help inspire breast feeding mothers to preserve on in their own breastfeeding endeavours.